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17th Jan 2015 - Coburg Crits D Grade - 2nd Place

Raced with Chris A in a field of 15 riders. We both got into a very early break away a few minutes in with one more rider working together with us, one more bridged the gap later to make 4.

Chris got a flat and had to pull out of the race and our break was caught after 5-10 mins. After sitting in with the bunch for a few minutes; another rider went solo off the front, I joined him for a 2 man break, we had a 3rd and 4th join us eventually. Gap went to around 25 seconds but with a few laps remaining we were pulled into the bunch.

I was sitting second wheel for the last few laps then with half a lap to go I broke away from the pack into the wind down the back of the course. The wind had picked up by this point which meant the pack caught me at the start of the back straight.

A rider broke off the bunch with around 400m to go very fast and wide, which ended up being the winning move. I towed the rest of the pack to the finish line with enough speed that no one was able to come past me to grab my place.

Second was a great result and my first ever placing. I'm super excited but now thinking back I feel like I had enough left in me to hold the first place wheel and maybe go around them at the end. Something very easy to say in retrospect :)

It's a shame that Chris had to pull out with a mechanical, it was lots of fun having a mate to race with.

Moving Time: 00:42:56
Distance: 26.22 km
Average Speed: 36.64 km/h
Climbed: 124 metres