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21st Jan 2015 - HCC Crits D Grade

Tonight was very warm for racing, I drank a lot of water even before the start of the race. I felt comfortable drinking from my bottle during the race while in the pack, which really helped in the heat; previously I was always too nervous and was concerned I would plow into another rider. Last week I didn't last more than 10 laps and I think lack of hydration was a big part so I was sure to drink plenty.

I stayed in the bunch mid pack during the race getting as much shelter as I could. The shelter was good and there wasn't too much yoyo-ing. I felt much more confident cornering down the back of the course as well as into the hairpin, this made it easier for me to sit on a wheel and conserve energy.

I feel like I could have done a much better job at conserving energy though, there were times where I would let go of my wheel and have to work a bit to get back in touch; also I've noticed that I always gain a lot of ground after completing the corner on the back straight; i'm finding I have to use my breaks if I'm unable to go around the rider in front. Maybe it's because i'm a bit heavier than some of the other riders?

Many times when cornering around the hairpin I knew I was being held up by the cornering abilities of the rider in front, this was a great feeling as I knew I could keep a higher speed around that hairpin later in the race or during a breakaway. One lap shows that I didn't dip below 29km/h which is a huge improvement for me. My first race I was struggling to hold 20km/h around the corner.

I stayed fairly sheltered in the bunch during the race, around half way I found myself dropping back a bit, back from 5-10th wheel to the middle/rear of the pack. I managed to hold on and found some strength towards the end of the race. A break away left the bunch with 7 riders very late, but was only a few seconds ahead.

The lap before the bell I broke away from the bunch and attempted to bridge the gap to the leaders. I lasted one lap solo before getting pulled back into the peloton. From there I let the peloton drag me to the finish, ending up near the rear. I put in an effort up the hill to pass a few riders on the way up but I still finished mid to rear of the pack.

I feel really good about tonight, The last two weeks I have been dropped after a short 10 laps or so. Tonight I felt strong and i'm really pleased with how my cornering confidence and speed is coming along.

Moving Time: 00:28:27
Distance: 17.84 km
Average Speed: 37.63 km/h
Climbed: 205 metres