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20th Jun 2015 - Northern Combine Race 7 - ITT Championship - Balliang Elite (Non Aero)

My first ever time trial and going in I didn't really have any goals, I didn't train for 7 days before the event so I wasn't expecting a great result, just wanted to have a bit of fun.

I was in the non aero category, as I didn't bring a TT bike or clip on bars, just my road bike with low profile climbing wheels.

The course was 24km long up and back. I guessed that I could hold 35-40km/h for about 40 minutes if it wasn't too windy, the course was relatively flat with only a 50m gain going one way and back down the other.

I spoke to another rider just before starting who was in the non-aero category as well, he said he finished in 39 minutes and so I thought around 40 minutes would be a good goal.

I know that from the past i'm not very good at motivating myself to push hard for that long, so I decided to break the ride down into 10 minute segments and focus on each part rather than the time trial as a whole.

My start was good, for the first 10 minutes I found I was fairly comfortable holding just above 40km/h when the road was flat, there was a slight tailwind as well which helped. Without a power meter I only had speed and heart rate to go on.

The second 10 minutes were probably the hardest, I had doubts that I could hold high 30's for the whole time and so I slowed down quite a fair amount to ensure I could get to the finish. I ended up turning around just before the 20 minute mark which meant that I was on track for a reasonable time.

After turning around immediately the wind hit me in the face and I really struggled to push much harder than 32-33km/h. Mentally that was really though because I knew I should have been going much faster but I didn't have much extra energy to use up. A few times I got out of the saddle to get on top of the gear without a huge amount of luck. I just pushed through as hard as I could but I knew I was losing a lot of time.

As soon as I looked down and saw 30:00 on the clock I was in much better spirit, I was able to pickup my pace slightly as I knew the end was near. As soon as I passed the final turn I knew there was only a few hundred metres to go, I got out of the saddle and sprinted over the finish. My total time was a few seconds over 40 minutes.

Moving Time: 00:40:52
Distance: 23.99 km
Average Speed: 35.22 km/h
Climbed: 110 metres