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18th Apr 2015 - Otway Classic 145km

I was riding with Jarel for the day, he was on his single speed and my plan was to take it easy and finish the ride safely. The day got off to a strange start where our starting group left earlier than the advised 8:12am start time, meaning we started at the very back of the 145km riders together with 6-7 other riders.

After setting off we hit a good rhythm, we were constantly passing groups of riders, but sadly with such a late start, none of the riders we were passing were strong enough to work with us to make it easier. We would push hard to catch a group, rest for a minute and then push on.

A third way through the ride I got a flat on my rear and about 20kms later the new tube was also flat, I suspect it pinched due to my improper installation, the tyre would just not sit right the first time, it was very odd.

The two flats put us behind many of the groups we had already passed, which was a shame as we had found some stronger groups to ride with just before my first flat.

We made good time up the hills, Jarel weighing 15kgs less than memeant that even on his single speed he was just as fast, if not quicker up the hills. Riders would often double take Jarel's bicycle after they realised he was passing them up the climb with only one gear. Sadly on the descents limited gearing meant we couldn't barrel down faster than 40km/h or so.

In the end we finished in a reasonable time, considering that we were both in the wind most of the ride without almost any help from other riders. The weather was great, it didn't rain at all during the ride like it had threatened to.

Moving Time: 05:25:48
Distance: 142.65 km
Average Speed: 26.27 km/h
Climbed: 1562 metres